Rabu, 13 April 2016

thousand islands

Gede Bira Island is one of the private island that is big and beautiful, this island area is 35 hectares surrounded with shady trees and coral reefs create a visitor linger here. The island there are 4 bungalows which shades naturally and blend with nature and all the bungalows here is not air-conditioned (AC), no electronic media in each bungalow, Electrical anyway On only in the hours 17:00 to 08:00 then we were able to enjoy the holidays with slow & natural tones accompanied by the sound of waves and chirping birds.
Gede Bira Island has 2 pieces quayside next to the front of the island used to suppress capable ships dock while leaning back are not underutilized For snorkeling amid a coral reef that is still awake beauty. Bira around the island is still not uncommon to appear a bunch of fish Lumba - Lumba play play in their habitat. Lumba - Lumba is always Wandering around the island while seeking makanan.Pulau Bira has 4 bungalows with capacity of 15 people / Bungalow, tamping capacity of 60 people maximum.

Coconut Island is one of the most populous island in the northern region of the Thousand Islands. The name Coconut Island by local people's narrative comes some coconut trees that grow on this island. Peoples who inhabit the extremely heterogeneous Coconut Island because composed of many tribes in Indonesia who stayed at Coconut Island although the amount is very small, ranging from Bugis, Javanese, Sundanese Banten, to Padang.
Travel Coconut Island has its own charm the data, since the start of the structure of the island that has not a little trough, which allow no select not the least spot snorkling, their educational tours to visit the turtle breeding until the people who are friendly
Tour Coconut Island has to uniqueness are not similar because in addition to presenting the beauty of the palm island itself but we can hold you around to watch the beauty of the island - the other islands around the island of coconut which has beautiful beaches, lush & unspoiled who created Andah linger.

Coconut Island Thousand Islands presents a travel where the tourists can enjoy the beauty of the island - the island approximately, white sand that stretches, and the azure Enchantress, diversity terumbukarang not a few found around the island, because the principle island coconut has a character that is unique.